Servicing Your Heating & Ventilation Systems.

Maximum Air provide its professional services within the Auckland area to clean and maintain your heat pumps and ventilation systems. From air duct cleaning to air conditioning replacement, we provide services that keep the air you breathe clean and keep your home or business at the perfect temperature.

Routine maintenance plays a key role in ensuring that your heating and cooling system stays running smoothly and that you get the most out of your investment.

Our experts at Maximum Air will install your heat pump and also be available to service the same systems upon your request any time. Our aim is to help create healthy homes at affordable rates.

Even if you do the basic cleaning yourself, getting a professional to check the heat pump every year or two is worthwhile.

Professionals can measure the delivered air temperature and check the unit is operating properly. It is best to use the service technician that installed the unit for you.


Dirty Filters

Regular maintenance includes the cleaning or replacement of dirty or faulty filters. Dirty filters mean air flow will be restricted and the air will not be cleaned as it should be. The only way to ensure the filters are doing the job they are designed for is through maintenance.

Filters should be cleaned seasonally, and if you are in a dusty area, it might pay to purchase an extra set of filters to keep in clean storage to replace between seasonal servicing. Dirty filters also reduce the efficiency of the system, forcing the system to run harder and cost you more.

Maximum Air Guarantees to the Customer

For every maintenance cleaning done on Positive Pressure Systems, HRV, Smart Vents, Sayer, Moisture Master, DVS systems. We will REPLACE the filter every-time.This is our 100% guarantee to our customers.

5 Year Warranty On All Heat Pumps
and Installation

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