Refrigeration & Cooling Services

Heat Pump, Cool Room and Freezer Room Services

Like your refrigerator, heat pumps use electricity to move heat from a cool space to a warm space, making the cool space cooler and the warm space warmer. So these at some point may need to be serviced.

We provide refrigeration services, including repair and maintenance for your industrial and commercial space. Our team of professionals and specialists will be completely capable of your refrigeration needs. We will supply and install refrigeration systems for your company and provide repair and maintenance services for fan motors, compressors, condensers, evaporators, pipes, and other parts.

Our high-quality goods and services are provided with long-term support and guarantee. Our products are installed to help you achieve energy efficiency and optimum integration for your device to run smoothly.

Full Cool Room Design & Build Service

We will take care of all your freezer requirements, from insulated panels to custom-designed cool room installation. For many construction applications, insulation panels are important, including cool rooms, freezers, process rooms, chillers, clean rooms, and spray stands.
Our team can design and create what you need, and we can provide you with continuous maintenance services.

We even design and create cool rooms for the food industry, cooling plant spaces, farm chillers, hedges, ante-rooms, hospitality, etc. Our team’s wealth of hands-on expertise makes it easy to illustrate potential challenges at the design level and save your time and money.
We specialize in cool room relocation and mounting, removing, refurbishing, rehabilitating, or disposing of installations that no longer fulfill your business’s needs.

  • Industrial chiller room
  • Combination of cool rooms
  • Custom-built cool room
  • Walk-in cool room
  • Standard cool room

Maintenance & Repairs


We provide repair and maintenance service for cool and freezer rooms.  Cool room panels and doors also need to be serviced and repaired due to general wear and tear forklift damage, or corrosion over time.

Our team can provide 360-degree service, including panel replacement, repairs, new installations, or upgrades. We may carry out inspections and repair structural supports, heat-treated frames, and sills or insulated flooring.

We regularly carry out MPI audit work and help customers to ensure compliance.
We also specialize in demolition, relocation, and refurbishment of the freezer room. As needed, our team will dismantle, re-establish, or provide a cool room and freezer.


The daily maintenance checks

  • The oil leakage should be tested for all compressors used in modular cool rooms.
  • The refrigerated room Freon levels should also be tracked.
  • For ice formation, the cool room evaporator should be monitored.
  • The Head pressure of the secondary device should be tracked regularly.
  • The correct cool room temperature should also be checked every day.
  • We take care of these things and provide you with all the ongoing maintenance.