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Why Do You Need A Home Ventilation System?

Ventilation works with heating and insulation to make a warmer, drier and healthier home. Many Kiwi homes are damp and cold, with mould growing on the walls and windows streaming with moisture.

Moisture is created in a home just from everyday living: showers, cooking, laundry and simply breathing. It’s so unhealthy and can even damage your home – and lead to increased heating costs.

Excess moisture trapped in the home will cause dampness to the air and contents causing crying windows and ideal conditions for mould and mildew to grow.

Reduce wet runny streaming windows.
Reduce mould, mildew, and dangerous spores.
Reduce triggers for asthma and allergies.
Reduce the moisture from rotting homes.

A home ventilation system is an alternative to opening doors and windows. Every home needs to breathe. Stale, damp air needs to go out. And fresh, dry air needs to come in.

Our day to day living, like cooking, showering, doing the laundry; even breathing itself creates moisture that needs to be flushed out – along with any pollutants and irritants.

Because every home is different, and the weather’s different in every corner of the country, we’ll help you select the perfect ventilation system for your home.

There Are Two Most Common Types Of Ventilation Systems?



The heat recovery system keeps the house fully ventilated by recovering the heat which is coming from the inside environment.

A typical heat recovery system in buildings consists of a core unit, channels for fresh air and exhaust air, and blower fans.

The positive pressure home ventilation system works to create a drier home environment for you and your family.

Bringing filtered air from the roof space or outside into the living spaces through a single, or multiple, ceiling vents.

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