Heat Pump Servicing

Heat Pump Maintenance & Servicing

To keep a heat pump working at peak efficiency, it is important that your heat pump is serviced regularly. If you use your system all year-round to heat and cool, it is recommended that you have your heat pump serviced every year by a heat pump technician.

If you haven’t had your unit cleaned in a while, then give us a call today. Our service technicians will ensure your heat pump is running at maximum efficiency.

How often shall a heat pump be cleaned?


If you have carpet and the heat pump runs for many hours a day all year round, the filters could need cleaning four times per year. Cleaning will be less frequent if you run the heat pump less or have hard floors.

For a heat pump that runs for a few hours a day mainly for heating, then once a year in the autumn should be enough. If the heat pump is used regularly for cooling as well, then go for an autumn and spring clean.

We have a qualified technician, available to provide regular maintenance and servicing options, recommended to ensure your heat pump continues to operate at its optimal capacity.

All heat pump systems installed by Maximum Air are warranted by the manufacturer for 5 Years. Please contact us if you would like further information about these warranties. To keep your heat pump working most efficiently, we recommend you have regular services and filter changes.

What Our Maintenance Cleaning Includes

An Unserviced Heat-Pump

A Serviced Heat-Pump


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Heat Pump Cleaning and Maintenance

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