Ceiling Cassettes

Ceiling Mounted Cassette Units

Ceiling cassette heat pumps leave both wall and floor space free and are a discrete addition to your home with just the grille visible. Ceiling units can blow air in several different directions.

Ceiling cassettes are perfect for both residential and office spaces. Cassette units are an ideal solution for unobtrusive heating, as they are largely hidden from view, with only the air grille fascia visible.

This slimline design ensures versatility and ease of installation.

The Fully Flat Cassette combines the latest technology with innovative functions for high operating efficiency and user comfort, all within a unique design that allows the visible panel to fit flush within standard architectural ceiling panels.

Our air conditioning solutions provide comfort all year round for residential and commercial applications ranging from restaurants and offices to shops, hotels and banks.

The Benefits of Cassette Air Conditioning Units

Our air conditioners use renewable energy from the air to reduce fuel bills and CO2 emissions.

The Daikin range provides a comfortable environment for building occupants all year round and offers building owners substantial operating efficiencies to help minimise operating costs.


Based on the fact that cold air falls, cassette a/c units which are mounted on ceilings ensure that the air is well distributed in the room. These air conditioning units have very powerful fans which can ensure that air is circulated in a larger space compared to other air conditioning units.

Another benefit of a cassette air conditioner is its programmable thermostat and variable speed fan. This means that the user can adjust the room temperature, which helps in saving electricity bills.