High Walls

Residential High Wall Mounted Units

Wall mounted heat pumps are usually fixed close to the ceiling and evenly distribute warm air through the room. They save floor space so can be good for smaller spaces while still able to service large areas.

Highwall mounted units are a great all rounder for achieving cooling and heating in a room. With a low cost to purchase and high efficiency they are the most cost effective heat pump technology. Available in standard variants, slimline and now designer models, a fit an be found for any room.

How Many Rooms Are You Heating?

For individual room temperature control multiple high wall heat pumps with multiple outdoor units is the way to go.

We can recommend and install the right heat pump model that are just right for creating a comfortable temperature in every room of your home. You control each heat pump with its own remote control.

How Big Is The Space You Want To Heat?

You need to make sure that the size of your heat pump is appropriate for the space you want to heat. If the heat pump is too small it will need to work harder to heat the space and be less energy efficient.

If it is too big, it will heat quickly, but then probably keep turning on and off while trying to maintain the right temperature.

Commercial Heating, Cooling & Ventilation Solutions

Multi-room systems allow the operation of 2 – 10 room units on one outdoor unit. The ability of a collective group of units to share capacity provided by a single outdoor unit leads to significant power consumption reductions particularly in partial load conditions.

Whether your refurbishment or new development, a single-room office or a multi-storey development, we can install a heating, cooling and ventilation air conditioning system to meet your needs ranging from single split and mutli-split systems to VRV and ducted systems.

Important considerations are made to get the type of air conditioners your business needs?, how many units to purchase?, and their ideal location on your property.

Heat pump office installation